videos, apps and games

Increasingly, clients are looking to utilise mobile applications to distribute eLearning and core learning messages.

Our own branded ‘brainshots videos’ are used by clients to get quick short sharp messages across and these are often linked to websites and accessed through customised web applications.

We can also create games which can be accessed through most smartphones, tablets and laptops as well as fixed PCs.

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Our media team have many years experience in the production of videos, apps and games delivered to support our clients learning programmes. Our customers range from Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities and Retail companies, and cover topics as varied as ‘event management’ to ‘retail induction’ and from ‘work life balance’ to ‘commercialisation’.

Video ‘Brainshots’

It is often said that the attention span of learners is decreasing rapidly, and that in an increasingly digitalised world, learners want short, sharp entertaining learning content and delivery. Using our own brand ‘Brainshots’ we have produced many of these videos, delivered on multi-device platforms including tablets, phones and fixed PCs. Produced to a variety of levels and complexities, our brainshots have been used for a wide range of topics, and have been enjoyed by staff ranging from the most junior up to the board room. To understand more about how brainshots could help please enquire here.


Our apps are produced as either web based, native or blended, and are therefore adaptable with regards to updates and complexity of delivery. They can be delivered to multiple platforms including ios and android and have been produced and delivered in multi languages and cultures. Learning apps are typically produced as part of a wider learning requirement, and as such often form an ‘aide memoire’ or summary of the learning to both remind and reinforce key learning messages. To understand more about how our apps could help please enquire here.


Gamification is a growing trend, as companies look to increase both the retention of knowledge and engagement with their learners. With over twenty standard games which can be customised to meet the subject and audience needs, we are well positioned to create a game that can be delivered either embedded within a piece of learning, or as a stand alone app delivered to smart phones. In either situation, participants can enjoy the learning experience often in a manner that feels very little like learning. To understand more about how our games could help please enquire here.