learning software, websites and web consultancy

Our technical team have an in depth understanding of the range of available learning platforms, and can offer independent advice and consultancy to clients interested in moving to more complex Learning or Content Management solutions.

Our software production team can produce technical specifications, feasibility studies and technical project implementation and project management.

This experience has also been used to produce web based applications, and solutions ranging from detailed accreditation and knowledge checkers, through to more simple portals and websites used to house learning projects.

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When completing large scale learning programmes it is imperative that the platform used to deliver it best suits the clients requirements and expectations. Our team can provide advice about which approach might work best, and can then create a bespoke solution, as a learning platform, content management system or website.

Learning Software

Whether a client is new to eLearning and wants to discuss how to get a platform started, or has many years’ experience and wants to upgrade to provide ‘mobile access’ our team can help. Our range of technical experience and expertise enables clients to get impartial advice and support and allows them to navigate the challenges of choosing the right learning platform software that delivers their long term needs. To understand more about how learning software could help enquire here.


Often a website ‘portal’ is the most simple and cost effective way of providing a central access point for learning on a particular topic. Our team can produce these and link them to information streams, blogs, literature, social networks, learning management systems or technical information. These have been produced to be the home of Leadership Knowledge centres or even Corporate Universities. Dependant on the security, tracking and access needs of the clients these are then typically hosted either on client intranets or on the wider internet as stand-alone sites. To understand more about how websites could help enquire here.

Web Consultancy

Our team of experts are always available to discuss the best way of getting the most out of the web when looking at maximising learning expenditure. Whether reviewing a specific tool, delivering a feasibility study or writing a full technical specification they are happy to help. Keeping up with latest developments in learning is a difficult task for any organisation and using us to help often saves considerable time and expense in the longer term. To understand more about how web consultancy could help enquire here.