workshops, regional events and appraisals

Whatever the topic or audience, we can organise and manage classroom based workshops, large events with up to 100 people or smaller mentoring, appraisal or coaching sessions.

With topics ranging from healthcare to sales management and from leadership to customer service, our team of skilled personnel has been working in the field for over 20 years.

Our international team has operated as far afield as Mainland Europe, Brazil, China and North America.

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Our workshops can be divided into large group events, classroom sessions and individual support. Depending on the topic and required approach we can adapt and blend our LEARNING to meet the clients needs. We have existing courseware as well as a wealth of knowledge in creating content from scratch.

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Workshops to Suit All Needs

We have over 100 ‘off the shelf’ workshops in our portfolio. In addition, our design service can customise and deliver content that is tailored to meet your exact need.

During our 21 years of service to Healthcare we have recruited world leading subject matter experts to ensure our content is the best it can be. Similarly, our classroom facilitators are carefully selected for their knowledge of both the Healthcare sector and their ability to deliver inspiring and engaging classroom based workshops.

We cover the key topic areas of Revalidation, Personal Development, Teaching and Supervision, Management, Leadership and Teambuilding and Quality Improvement.

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Regional Events, Large and Small

Many topics are best covered by either using large group events or smaller locally delivered regional days. This flexible approach allows individual learners to book onto a local course reducing travel time and disruption to work. Of course, Trusts can also benefit from this service booking on multiple learners if they don’t have enough attendees to run an internal workshop.

The organisation, management and administration of these local events is a core skill of tle miad. We deliver over 75 of these events across the UK on key topics including New Appraiser training, CESR, Train the Trainer and new Educational and Clinical Supervisor training.

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Appraisals for Any Size Organisation

Many Healthcare organisations have neither the resources or available experience to organise and deliver the required appraisals needed during the Revalidation cycle. In response to this need we offer a UK wide independent Appraisal service which overcomes the issues of possible conflicts of interest or bias that can plague internally organised schemes.

With a variety of mentoring and support options available to help your organisation including coaching, eLearning and workshops we are sure we can help create and deliver an Appraisal solution that will fit your business whatever its size.

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